Creative Spaces Survey: Key Findings

Earlier this year, we commissioned The Margate Creative Spaces Survey to build a current understanding of the potential opportunities and challenges for the creative sector in Margate.

You can now read our key findings in this infographics report.  We hope you find this interesting and welcome your feedback.

Community Panel

In order to build on our findings, and to carry on listening to the opinions of our community, we recently sent out an open call for Margate’s residents to join our community panel.

The enthusiastic response we received to our call out was overwhelming, and this week we have been meeting potential participants to discuss our plans further.

The community panel will help us in the co-design of our support programmes, and we hope the first meeting will take place in November.


Focus Groups

We are also planning to hold some of focus groups to explore the questions around support needs and requirements in some more detail.

As the survey was aimed at people already working in the creative industries, we also want to hear from more of Margate’s diverse communities and individuals who did not complete the survey.

We will be recruiting for our first focus group soon – follow us on Instagram, Facebook or X to keep up to speed with our announcements.

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